We source high quality sugar varieties from different refineries and sugar mills across countries. We deal with various varieties of sugar varieties right from white sugar to raw sugars. Depends on customer requirement, we offer bulk shipments in different packaging sizes along with container shipments.

Our Range Includes

Raw Brown Sugar (ICUMSA 600 – 1200)

Raw brown sugar contains small amounts of molasses added to the raw product. It is widely exported or supplied, where refinement is done in the destination place or country of export.

White Refined Sugar (ICUMSA 45)

It is most commonly used in our daily lives, White sugar is produced for day to day consumption. Prevails mostly in countries which have sugarcane plantation. This is otherwise called as table Sugar.

Specifications for REFINED SUGAR GRADE

Icumsa 45
Polarization 99.80% Min
Ash content 0.04% Max
Colour Sparkling White
Radiation Normal Certified
Moisture 0.04% Max
Solubility 100% Free Flowing
Granulation Fine
SO2 -
White Refined Sugar

Specifications for RAW BROWN SUGAR

Icumsa 600 – 1200
Polarization 96.00% Min
Ash content 0.09% Max
Colour Brown
Radiation -
Moisture 0.09% Max
Solubility 90% Free Flowing
Granulation Fine
SO2 20 PPM

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