Non-Basmathi Rice



Today, this unique grain helps sustain two- thirds of the world's population. At Panacea we export the best quality rice without compromising the standards for purity, length and flavor.

Rice Varieties

We have an extensive range of rice varieties from finest soil.

Our range includes

Indian Long grain Raw Rice

Long Grain white rice originally an Indian rice variety. Usually the rice is well renowned for its long grain and good cooking. Variety of rice is very much popular across continents for its excellent quality and low cost prices. We currently export good quality rice in all quantities throughout the year. Rice is also available in different broken percentage. Eg (5%, 10, 20, 25 and 100%).

Indian long grain Parboiled Rice

Panacea value the customer with an exceptional quality checks performed on procuring. The rice is undergone with stringent process of soaking, Pressure steaming, milling and dying prior. Since its demand in the market is too high because of its health benefits, we export the best quality long grain parboiled rice. Our expertise in procuring the right source of product makes us strong to satisfy our clients.

Indian short grain Raw Rice

We have been engaged in exporting for more than 12 years with optimum quality Indian short grain raw rice. The rice is well known for delicious taste, nutritional content, non-sticky rice and smoothening aroma. We deal with short grain raw rice in different packaging as per the requirements.

Indian short grain parboiled Rice

At Panacea, we have a strong know-how to identify the best quality rice from the market. We offer the best quality Indian short grain parboiled rice at an affordable cost to our clients since we started trading. Our varieties of rice known for its purity, taste and freshness.

Idly rice

Since the start of export, we supply superior range of Idli rice to clients across the world. Idli rice is well known in India, which is the best choice to make delicious Idli’s /Dosas. Rice is well preferred in the market for its features like rich flavor and punchy aroma. All our rice is processed at our facility with utmost importance given to hygiene. The facility uses modern rice milling methods and machines. Panacea offers its customers an exceptional quality of Idli rice at reasonable prices.

Thanjavur Ponni Rice

Thanjavur Ponni rice is widely been cultivated in the banks of river cauvery. It is mostly renowned from southern parts of India. The popularity of this rice is widely reached across various regions of the world especially in Asian countries for its high carbohydrate content and nutritional values. Ponni rice is widely available throughout the year. The crop is an excellent low cost variety with high quality. The taste of Southern India is guaranteed with this range of rice. We offer ponni rice in various packaging.

Sona Masoori Raw & Sona Masoori Steam Rice

We have been offering premium quality Sona Masoori Raw rice and Sona Masoori Steam rice. These grade of rice is processed using contemporary techniques and advance machines. Sona Masoori is an excellent variety of rice used to prepare delicious dishes. We indulge in providing aromatic rice to our esteem clients, Flavour and aroma is guaranteed in your dishes with exceptional taste with our rice. Quality is never compromised, this rice grade is tested against various international standards and parameters. We offer this rice in various packaging options at a reasonable cost.

Rice Specifications

Rice Varieties Appx. Grain Length Moisture Broken Color Fade & Damage Color Sortex Source of Crop Packaging
Long Grain Parboiled Rice (5% Broken) 6 mm 14% max 25% max 2% max Creamy / Yellowish 100% India -
Long Grain Parboiled Rice (25% Broken) 6 mm 14% max 5% max 2% max Creamy / Yellowish 100% India -
PONNI RICE Specifications 5.2 - 5.3 mm 14% max 5% max 2% max White 100% India Multiple Sizes
Sona Masoori Raw Rice 5.2 - 5.6 mm 14% max 5& 25 % 2% max White 100% India -

Medium Grain Raw Rice & Medium Grain Parboiled Rice

We as a premium exporter and suppler offer excellent variety of Medium grain raw and medium grain parboiled rice which is processed using latest methods and optimized machineries. This rice is so ideal for special food requirements. Medium grain rice has various benefits in our day to day life, with the best nutritional values and mouthwatering taste. Our excellent sourcing has made us to stand out from the crowd in terms of cost and easy availability.

Nutritional Information per 100 Gms Uncooked Raw Rice

  • Protein - 8.5 gm
  • Carbohydrate - 77.3 gm
  • Energy - 374 cal
  • Calcium - 6mg
  • Phosphorous - 49mg
  • Iron - 2mg
  • Dietary Fiber - 1.0gm
  • Fat - 0.0mg

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